The Boots of Saint Felicity

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Ah, a visitor! Come in, come in, come in! You are most welcome to the Official Website of the People of Splickety Village. While you are here we hope you can relax and take the time to have a good look around. There is plenty to see. Be sure to start with a visit to our Boots of Saint Felicity section which celebrates our theme of the moment, the famous footwear of a remarkable woman. You will be amazed by the amazing story of how we found the boots and thrilled by the thrilling accounts of her adventures.

When ready to proceed, you may find it useful to avail of The Guide Below which offers a brief outline of what to expect as you peruse our website.

The Guide Below

Home Page
No need to explain the Home Page as you are already there!

The Boots of Saint Felicity
In this section you will learn all we can tell you about the Boots of Saint Felicity.

Map of Splickety Village
Here you will find a map of Splickety Village. A handy thing to have to hand should you ever visit us in person.

DeGrew’s Reviews
Here you can find reviews of the some of the latest additions to Lane’s End Bookshop for Books Pertaining to All Things, All Places and All People.

The Splickety Spread
The Splickety Spread is our local paper. In the Splickety Spread you can catch up with events in the village and stay abreast of developments as they develop. But the Splickety Spread delivers more than the news. Look out for features such as the I Remember… series which casts an eye to the past and can be found in the Arts and Culture section of the paper.

Use the
comments facility in each section of The Splickety Spread to give us your reaction to the news.

Here you can contact us, introduce yourself, make a comment or ask a question.

Get a Copy
This is where you can catch up with the people who can supply you with a copy of The Boots of Saint Felicity. A book, we have to say, that we recommend implicitly.

These are our friends. These websites listed are operated by sound people and true, who are very good at what they do.

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